Global customer needs

Jari and Risto Rautjärvi are one of many father-son combinations who have worked at Valtra. Father Risto held various sales and marketing management positions from the mid-1960s to the early 2000s. Son Jari has served in management positions in financial administration and information management in Finland and Brazil and most recently as Managing Director of Valtra's operations in Europe and Middle East.

The combined career of the Rautjärvis is long and impressive, having worked for years in Finland, China and Brazil. Along the way, they have become acquainted with different cultures and practices, but they have also found much in common. In all places and at all times, customers want reliable tractors, good maintenance services and expert guidance.

Their long experience also helps them look to the future. No one yet knows what kind of fuel tractors will run on in the future, in what direction precision farming technologies are evolving or what kind of pressures the surrounding society will put on farmers, but the views of father and son Rautjärvi on these subjects are worth listening to.

Global customer needs: Rautjärvi