New 8000-square-metre logistics centre in Suolahti

A new logistics centre is under construction at the Valtra factory in Suolahti, Finland. The 8000-square-metre building is being built in the area where new tractors are currently stored while awaiting transportation.

The new building will be used to receive and store parts and components required by the factory, as well as to collect and deliver them to the assembly line. The logistics centre will deliver parts to the assembly precisely as needed for each indivi­dual tractor according to the customer’s order.

The new logistics centre is needed because the number of individual parts has increased with the introduction of new products. In addition, it will make operations even more efficient by combining multiple smaller warehouses into a single building. The new logistics centre will improve the quality of tractors, as trucks delivering parts can be unloaded indoors.

The new logistics centre will be semi-automated. Driverless forklifts will load incoming parts onto 12-metre-high shelves, but collection of the parts will continue to be done manually. Transportation of parts from the logistics centre to the assembly line will be partly automated.

Construction of the new building has already begun and will be completed in spring 2020.

The new 8000-square-metre logistics centre is being built in the area between the Assembly Plant and the Unlimited Studio.

  1. New Logistics Centre
  2. Unlimited Studio
  3. Assembly Plant
  4. Transmission Plant
  5. Engineering Centre
  6. Spare Parts & Service Centre