Jolidon Brothers – tradition and vision

High above the town of Lajoux, located in the Franches-Montagnes region, the Sous les Cerneux farm nestles perfectly amidst the landscape of the Jura. Operated by the Jolidon brothers, the farm is a reflection of the tranquillity and traditionalism of the region.

Development thanks to a pioneer spirit

In terms of their career choice, it was clear to Rémy and Alain from the outset that they would follow in the footsteps of their parents. In 1995, they jointly took over the family business. Today, the farm covers an area of about 100 hectares, has a dozen Freiberger horses and focuses on milk production with a herd of 250 Montbéliard cattle. For as long as they can remember, the brothers have been on the road, proactively developing new lines of business to support the operation and their sources of income more broadly. In 1992, they invested in a baler and offer their services throughout the region. They now produce around 8,000 bales a year. Rémy and Alain are characterised by their pioneer spirit, which is always associated with risk-taking. Since 1999, they have been pioneers in the region with a direct seeding machine.

Finnish technology: robust and simple

They can also count themselves among the first companies in Switzerland to decide in 1995 on the Finnish brand Valtra and immediately acquire two Valmet tractors (the 8000 and 6000 Series). They have added to their Valtra fleet on a continuous basis: In 2006, a Valtra 6550, which takes care of light work. At the end of 2012, a Valtra T151, used mainly for mowing and slurry spreading. Then, in 2013, a Valtra N121 and finally, in 2018, a Valtra N154 Active combined with a front loader.

“Several things impress us about the Valtra brand,” says Alain, “from the practical and technical factors involved in operating the 4-cylinder Eco-Power engine with two power and torque systems to choose from to the large-capacity, durable cab and the robustness and simplicity of the vehicles.”

For almost 25 years, the brothers have been enthusiastic, confident and extremely loyal in relation to the brand produced in the far north. This is certainly also due to the fact that the Valtra values, like trust and innovation, are in keeping with the spirit of the Jolidon brothers themselves.

“There’s no reason to change our brand loyalty. The manufacturer remains true to its principles and adheres to its reputation as an advocate of technical development and optimisation. Valtra is ahead of the competition, for example in combining the hand brake in the Powershuttle lever,” the brothers agree.

Reliable, low-maintenance vehicles

A reliable vehicle fleet is highly important, especially in agriculture, which is constantly changing and anything but a constant, static field of activity.

“In order to survive, you always need to keep moving forward and looking for untapped, profitable niches. After all, innovative, attractive projects don’t stay unique for a long time and start being imitated,” explains Rémy, “In this context, being able to rely on hardware cannot be neglected.” And Alain’s son, Dylan, who is currently supplementing his completed apprenticeship as an agricultural machinery mechanic with secondary vocational education as a farmer, confirms: “The design of Valtra tractors takes into account the maintenance and servicing of the machines. These tractors are easy to maintain and economical in terms of wearing parts.”

The entire team: from left to right, Dylan and Alain Jolidon, Alice Boichat, Kim and Rémy Jolidon.

For servicing and necessary repairs, the family counts on the Roc garage, a Valtra dealer in the region, with whom the Jolidons maintain a long-standing relationship of trust.

What will the future bring? Rémy and Alain are confident about the future of their business and their children, Kim and Dylan, have both opted to enter agriculture. When the two generations sit together at the table, harmony and a constructive basis for discussion can always be found. The Jolidon brothers believe their collaboration has had a positive impact on the younger generation. They attach great importance to teamwork, especially during challenging times. Their dream and their heart’s desire is that, together with their sons, they will be able to manage and develop the business so that four families can thrive from it.

The Sous les Cerneux farm.