Remanufactured components cost just 60–70 % the price of new ones

Valtra’s remanufacturing operations are growing rapidly. Transmission remanufacturing moved to new facilities with more space this summer. Five technicians remanufacture over 800 transmissions, powershift gearboxes and forward-reverse shuttles each year.

Valtra began offering remanufactured transmissions five years ago, and these activities are currently growing by 30 to 40 percent a year. Valtra already has decades of experience in remanufacturing engines, and these activities are also growing rapidly.

“We moved this summer from our old 130-square-metre facilities to new 720-square-metre facilities, which shows how fast these operations are expanding,” says Jari Luoma-aho, Manager of Transmission Remanufacturing at Valtra.

Remanufactured components are an attractive alternative to more expensive brand-new parts for a growing number of customers. Compared to brand-new parts, remanufactured components are not only more affordable, but also faster to install. For example, fixing a faulty transmission with new parts requires opening the transmission, finding out which parts need to be replaced, ordering them and only then installing them. By ordering a remanufactured transmission in advance, the entire unit can be replaced at a suitable time.

Mikko Ilves, Kari Pitkänen, Marko Arpiainen, Jari Luoma-aho, Mika Vuorenmaa and Sami Liimatainen are really satisfied with their new Reman facilities.

Growing selection

The range of remanufactured transmission components that are available to customers has grown over the past five years from 20 to 120. These include transmissions, forward-reverse shuttles and powershift gearboxes for different tractor models, from the A Series to the T Series, as well as the older 6000 and 8000 Series. The increased selection means that remanufactured components can be sent to customers straight off the shelf.

The AGCO Power engine plant in Linnavuori, in turn, supplies customers with remanufactured engines, fuel injectors and injection pumps.

Another advantage of remanufacturing is that parts for older tractor models can also be sourced more easily than trying to find brand-new parts.

Components that are sent for remanufacturing are first washed carefully. The components are then inspected by eye and using special equipment. If the component is found to be good, it is approved for remanufacturing. Components that fail inspection are replaced with new ones. All parts that are subject to wear, such as bearings and seals, are always replaced. The component is then reassembled with all applicable updates. Ground speed PTO is added to all remanufactured transmissions, as this reduces the number of versions by half.

“Remanufactured components come with a one-year warranty, but we haven’t really had any warranty claims to speak of. Valtra representatives are very happy with this service, as repairing transmissions requires special tools, a lot of time and a high level of expertise,” says Luoma-aho.

Benefits of Valtra Reman

  • Remanufactured components cost 60–70 % the price of new ones
  • The amount of time and money required can be easily anticipated
  • Remanufacturing saves natural resources
  • Remanufactured parts and work done by authorised technicians come with a one-year warranty
  • Valtra’s own remanufacturing technicians are experts in transmissions and engines
  • Remanufactured transmissions and engines come with all available updates