Service packs are convenient for both tractor technicians and owners

Service packs have been a Valtra speciality for over 20 years already. These days, competing tractor brands and manufacturers of forestry and heavy machinery have also introduced similar service packs.

“Service packs make work easier and faster in terms of both spare parts and maintenance. All the necessary parts can be found in the service pack, so they do not need to be collected at a spare parts location. This speeds up work and makes everything more efficient. Service packs also help ensure that all the necessary parts will be replaced and nothing will be forgotten,” says Jussi Anttonen, Manager, Parts Sales.

With the exception of lubricants, each service pack contains all the parts needed for servicing the tractor model in question, such as air filters, oil filters and gaskets. Service packs are available for the 500- or 1000-hour service intervals of older tractors, as well as the 600- or 1200-hour service intervals of newer models. Each pack also includes bags for disposing old and dirty filters.

Valtra’s spare parts centre in Suolahti stocks a large number of ready service packs for different models and tractors of different ages, including packs for bigger and smaller services.


More affordable than purchasing individual parts

The contents of service packs are more affordable than if purchased separately. Service packs also save a lot of work collecting parts both at the central warehouse and at the dealer. Valtra’s service packs are put together at the spare parts centre in Suolahti, Finland.

“Around 70 percent of service packs go to authorised service dealers and 30 percent directly to tractor owners who perform maintenance by themselves. This shows how professional service technicians also prefer using them.”

Service packs are indeed an easy way to keep tractors in good condition and maintain their resale value. Maintenance is an investment that pays for itself in terms of reliability and later when selling the tractor. •