Valtra’s new G Series front loaders

Valtra’s new G Series front loaders can lift heavier loads higher and more smoothly than previous models. Valtra loaders are optimally fitted to the tractors already at the factory, ensuring the exact torque tension for the couplings and coated with the same paint as the tractor itself. Valtra loaders are also designed specifically for use with Valtra tractors. Approximately one in three Valtra tractors manufactured at the Suolahti plant in Finland is ordered with a factory-fitted front loader.

  1. The adapters are specially designed for Valtra frames so they do not restrict the turning circle. The super strong cast iron adapters have several connection points that evenly distribute loads from the loader to the chassis. The adapters are designed so that they do not obstruct regular maintenance tasks, such as changing fuel filters.
  2. The hydraulic piping is protected inside the beams. All visible hoses are now braided to protect them from damage.
  3. The beams are now more curved to improved visibility both front and rear. The beams are welded by robots and undergo a 12-point powder coating process. Moulded and tempered parts are used at the ends and creases.
  4. The SmartTouch armrest with separate joystick allows fast and precise control of the front loader. The Live 3rd function at the end of the joystick enables analogue control of one of the loader hydraulic valves, increasing the oil flow the more you turn the switch.
  5. Lock & Go quick couplings and support legs allow the loader to be attached and detached in less than a minute. The loader can rest fully on the support legs, and no tools are required for attaching or detaching the loader. There are no removable parts that can be lost.
  6. The crossbeam has been lowered and turned 15 degrees to improve visibility. The SoftDrive loader suspension and hydraulics are protected inside the crossbeam.

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