What exactly is the Powershift Revolution?

Valtra has used the term “Powershift Revolution” for the past few years in its marketing materials, but what does it mean in practice?

Basically, the Powershift Revolution means that Powershift tractors can now be driven as if they had stepless transmissions. This does not mean, however, that a Valtra with Powershift is the same as a Valtra with the Direct transmission. Instead, the Powershift Revolution means that Valtra has selected the best properties of each transmission type, but it is still a Powershift tractor. From the driver’s perspective, it really is a revolution, as today’s HiTech, Active and Versu tractors are radically different from traditional Powershift tractors.

The fourth generation of the Valtra N and T Series represented a Powershift Revolution. The SmartTouch user interface on Versu models made them as easy to operate as tractors with stepless transmissions. The Powershift Revolution is more than just an automatic Powershift, but rather a combination of features that create a unique driving experience and make tractor work easier than ever.

Automatic shifting: Adjusting the driving speed can be done with just the drive pedal, the position of which has a direct effect on the driving speed – and not the engine speed. This is why it’s called a drive pedal and not a gas pedal. The system automatically finds the highest suitable gear and saves fuel.

AutoTraction: This feature automatically disengages drive when the brakes are activated, eliminating the need to press the clutch pedal when stopping at intersections or baling, for example.

HillHold: This feature is standard on the N and T Series and keeps the tractor in place without having to use the brakes or clutch. To start off, simply press the drive pedal.

Drive lever for HiTech and Active: On HiTech and Active models, Powershift gears can be changed using the convenient drive lever. Tapping it to the side activates automatic shifting mode, making it easy to shift between manual and automatic modes when turning around in the headland, for example.

Drive lever for SmartTouch: On Versu models, the driver can accelerate from zero to top speed simply by moving the drive lever forwards. Pulling it back lowers the speed.

Cruise control: This feature is available on HiTech, Active and Versu models. The driver can set the driving speed or the engine speed, and the tractor automatically selects the most suitable Powershift gear.

Pre-sets: On HiTech and Active models, the driver can pre-set the gear when starting off in forward or reverse, which is especially convenient when working with the front loader. The default setting for Versu models is automatic shifting, but the driver can still pre-set the speeds for starting off. Of course, Versu models can also be driven in manual mode.

Forward-reverse shuttle and integrated handbrake: This classic Valtra innovation is available on all models and is still the best in the industry. Even revolutions need to keep something old!

The Valtran T214 Versu SmartTouch won a group test of seven tractors organised last spring by leading European tractor journals, including Koneviesti from Finland, Bedre Gardsdrift from Norway, Trekker from the Netherlands and Traktor Tech from Denmark. The test was extremely comprehensive and has since been publicised in numerous other journals, including Profi.