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In agriculture every day is different. Challenging weather conditions, unstable commodity prices and changing regulations dominate the daily life of all agri businesses. In this environment, the use of efficient and high-tech machinery is essential.

AGCO Finance fully understands the needs of today’s agri businesses. We make the use of modern agriculture equipment a realistic and affordable option. As a reliable and experienced agricultural finance solution provider, we react on special demands and deliver high flexible financing options customised to your needs.

Your benefits:

  • Flexible and individual financing terms
  • New and used equipment
  • Transparent costs
  • Fast credit approval and documentation process
  • Programmes tailored to meet your cash flow needs
  • Convenient one-stop financing at your local Valtra dealer
  • Expert assistance and personal service


Affordable ways to buy, rent, and lease

There are several ways for you to get your next Valtra. Click on the options below to find out which affordable finance option is best for you. ​

Sustainable financing for your farm

Are you pursuing sustainable business practices? Then we may be able to support you with favourable finance conditions for your next Valtra purchase.

Via  AGCO Finance’s own Climate Journey Fund or via a partnership with the European Investment Bank*, you may be eligible for a sustainable finance solution.

If you are certified with a sustainable label from a third party, please consult your Valtra Dealer if your quality mark is recognised under our Climate Journey Fund. If so, we can offer you a tailored finance solution for your new Valtra machine.

Also, if you plan to upgrade your machine to the latest engine technology (Stage V), you may benefit from the European Investment Bank (EIB) program for Climate Change Mitigation. You will get lower interest rates to support the replacement of old machinery (Stage IV or older). This program is currently available in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. More information can be found on your local Valtra website under our finance section.

Contact your local Valtra dealer with any questions about sustainable finance solutions. Together with the specialists from AGCO Finance, they will find available support for your new Valtra equipment.

*EIB Support for Valtra is provided via their finance partner DLL, one of AGCO Finance’s joint venture partners.

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Financial stability with cost control

There aren’t two farms that are exactly the same. They each have unique features and individual challenges. That is why we offer a flexible solution to help you stay on top of your costs.

A farm’s cashflow can often be unpredictable and affected by many external factors. Seasons are different and prices vary, so staying on top of finances can be tricky. For the sake of being successful and having peace of mind, you need financial stability and full control of your costs.

Machinery and equipment are both a vital part and a major expense on any farm operation. The financing of a Valtra machine is now easier and more flexible than ever before. With the Buy, Rent, Lease programme offered by AGCO Finance, we give you the chance to build a financing solution to meet your needs.

Services for all situations

Are you considering your equipment options? With Valtra, you get the financing programme that best matches your operation and cash flow needs. In addition to our vast range of finance solutions, additional services such as insurance, maintenance and extended warranty can be included in the financing.

For more information, contact your local Valtra Dealer or visit the AGCO Finance website.

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