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Benefits for you


All remanufactured parts supplied and fitted by your local Valtra dealer are covered by a one-year parts and labour warranty. Specialist technicians at our remanufacturing centres of excellence in Suolahti and Linnavuori rebuild transmissions, engines and fuel injection systems to the very latest standards so you’re always up to date.


Switching the entire transmission, engine, fuel pump or set of injectors means you don’t have to worry about downtime or future problems. Simply book a time and bring in your tractor when it is most suitable for your work. Your AGCO Reman exchange part will be ready and waiting, and our service technicians will tell you exactly how much time is required to make the switch. 


The cost of remanufactured components is typically just 60 to 70 of the cost of an equivalent new replacement. You will know the exact price before work begins and have the assurance that performance and efficiency will be just as good as new.


Remanufacturing saves natural resources. Components that pass strict inspection criteria are reused, which consumes around 85 percent less materials and energy than manufacturing new components. All wear parts, such as seals and bearings, are replaced as standard with new ones.


What you need to do


Does your tractor need a transmission or engine overhaul? Or just a forward-reverse shuttle, injection pump or powershift gears? The first step is to contact your local Valtra service dealer and discuss it with them. They will advise the best options according to your requirements and budget.

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Remanufactured transmissions are available for 6000 and 8000 Series tractors, as well as A, N and T Series tractors.  A ground speed PTO is always installed as standard on remanufactured transmissions to reduce complexity. Each  year, our specialist technicians remanufacture around 1000 transmission components in a purpose built new 720-square-meter facility.

The transmissions we receive are washed, disassembled and inspected. Components that pass the Original Equipment Specification inspection are reused, while rejected parts and wear parts are replaced with genuine replacements. All wear parts, such as seals and bearings, are replaced with new ones. The remanufactured transmissions are then painted and their functions, such as the powershift, tested on a test bench.


Remanufactured transmission components

  • forward-reverse shuttle
  • powershift
  • gearbox


Valtra stocks over 120 different remanufactured transmission, forward-reverse shuttle and powershift components.


The AGCO Power engine plant in Linnavuori, Finland, has strong traditions in remanufacturing engines. In addition to tractor engines, the plant remanufactures engines for harbour cranes, forest machines and other implements by numerous brands and from all over the world.

Three levels of remanufactured engines

Diesel center

Diesel Center overhauls fuel injection systems

The Linnavuori engine plant has overhauled fuel injection systems for diesel engines since 1957. The Diesel Center employs experienced technicians who specialise in repairing, testing and tuning diesel equipment. The range includes mechanical fuel injection systems, such as in-line and distributor pumps, as well as distributor pumps and modern common rail pumps and injectors.

The Diesel Center specialises in components for our own Valmet, Sisu Diesel and AGCO Power engines. Focusing on our own diesel systems is a strength compared to other diesel repair shops that work on a wide range of different brands and engines. No-one knows AGCO Power fuel injection systems better than the people who design the parts for the AGCO Power engines for example, specialising in our own engines allows us to keep a large number of new and remanufactured parts in stock.


Components remanufactured by the Diesel Center

  • Common rail pumps
  • Common rail jet nozzles
  • Electronic fuel injection pumps
  • Distributor pumps
  • Mechanical fuel injection nozzles
  • In-line pumps
  • Valmet Import pumps

Remanufactured parts

All of our remanufactured parts come with a one-year warranty and are around 60 to 70 percent the cost of new parts. Installing remanufactured parts is fast, and you will receive a detailed cost estimate before work begins. AGCO Reman parts are a cost-effective alternative across the entire range of Valtra tractors.