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Sustainable production

An ecosystem approach

Valtra hosts industry and academic discussions with customers, service providers, and manufacturers to ensure conversations around sustainability are focused on the farmer. 

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Sustainable suolahti

Lowering carbon emissions

At Valtra, we are constantly working to lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy use, and improve the carbon footprint of our productions. Our tractor factory in Suolahti, Finland, is one of AGCO's most sustainable facilities.

Over the years we have taken several steps to reduce our carbon footprint. This has included lowering our inbound carbon emissions, improving efficiencies, and using renewable energy sources. 


Sustainable energy

We have taken several steps to lower our energy consumption and move towards using more sustainable energy sources. Since 2022 Valtra's Suolahti tractor factory has been run on 100% renewable energy.


Sustainable material management

Through careful management of our incoming and waste materials, we have identified ways in which we can recycle more, and waste less. 

Your sustainable tractor

Buy your next tractor from one of the most sustainable tractor brands in the world.  

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