Ready when it comes

Øyvind Furulund from Rogne i Øystre Slidre in Norway had both his tractors break down and got no help. Akershus Traktor came to the rescue and within a year he had purchased two Valtras. He uses them to clear snow on the side roads along Highway 51 between Fagernes and Beitostølen.

“You can tell that Valtra is a tractor that is built for winter weather in the North. When needed, it starts without an engine heater at very low temperatures. It’s nice and warm in the cabin, and everything works fine, even when it’s cold”, tells 29 year old Øyvind Furulund from Rogne in Øystre Slidre.

He ploughs and grits all the side roads along Highway 51 between Fagernes and Heggenes in the direction of Beitostølen. The temperature can vary between 10 plus and 25 minus degrees in one day and last year there was 1,5 metres of snow. He uses a Valtra T214 and a Valtra T234 with SmartTouch armrest to keep the roads open.

“I have never operated a better tractor than Valtra. It’s comfortable and easy to operate and with enough power for my needs. With several hours in the tractor seat it’s important that I stay focused. I am focused because the tractors are so easy and comfortable to operate.”

Øyvind Furulund from Rogne in Øystre Slidre ploughing and gritting the side roads along highway 51 from Fagernes to Heggenes in the direction of Beitostølen. Valtra T Series gives him the equipment he needs to do the best job possible.

Actually a side job

Furulund grew up on a farm and was very young the first time he drove a tractor. In his teenage years he started making round bales for his stepfather and took on some small jobs for his neighbours, but his plan was to become a carpenter like his uncle and grandfather.

“I started working for Øystre Slidre Bygg after school, and four years ago I bought the company. At the time it was actually just me, but today I have 12 employees”, he explains.

Furulund still wanted to continue operating a tractor and as time went on he started round baling, excavating, transporting, snow ploughing and gritting – all according to the season.

“The plan was to be a carpenter during the day and drive a little in the evenings. Even though there is a lot of carpenter work, the tractors are in use on a regular basis. I have about 3000 operating hours.”

Service was the deciding factor

When Furulund started he had a couple of old tractors, but some repair work was needed to keep them running. Øyvind Bakke at Bakke Maskinservice, who also has a local repair shop for Valtra on behalf of Akershus Traktor, helped Furulund.

“Øyvind is fantastic. It was easy to have repair work done and he answers right away, even if you call late on a Saturday night.

But sometimes it isn't possible to get spare parts on short notice and then not know what to do.”

“Both of the old tractors broke down right in the middle of harvest time, and I was recommended to call Torstein Sjåheim at Akershus Traktor. It took him a couple of hours to get me a Valtra that I could have on loan.” Furulund chuckles and says that he realized that he needed to choose whether to get decent equipment or give up, and he chose decent equipment

Valtra is the answer

Valtra T Series is a reliable and powerful tractor intended for professional farmers and contractors. It’s compact, with lots of room in the cabin and enough power. Furulund bought a Valtra T214 two years ago and a T234 last year. Both tractors have Direct transmission and the largest model also has a SmartTouch armrest.

In Valdres you can have 1,5 metres of snow in no time. Valtra T234 is a compact tractor with 250 HP under the bonnet and the intuitive SmartTouch armrest for simpler control. Made in Finland for Nordic conditions, the tractor is comfortable and effective, even under the most difficult conditions.

“I borrowed a Valtra with Versu transmission, but Torstein convinced me to try Direct. I liked it so much that I chose it on both tractors. SmartTouch is also terrific and makes operating simpler and more fun.

But no matter how good the tractors are, service is the most important thing.”

“For me the deciding point is that I can keep my obligations towards my customers. I am first of all a carpenter, so I can't be spending my nights repairing a tractor. There have not been many problems after I got the new tractors, but I feel confident that the day I need help I will get it right away”, Furulund points out.