All service parts in a single package

Valtra Service Kits are a brilliant innovation that deserves to become more widespread in the agricultural machinery sector. All the filters, seals and other parts you need to regular maintain your precise tractor model are ready packed into one convenient box.

“Our Service Kits are really useful for customers, service technicians and spare parts specialists alike. They eliminate the need to have to collect, package and send spare parts individually, as they all come in a single package to begin with. This saves both time and logistics at every stage in the delivery process,” says Jari Luoma-aho, Spare Parts Manager at Valtra.

Each Service Kit contains several dozen parts, and Valtra’s spare parts warehouse has almost 200 different Service Kits for different models and different types of maintenance.

Popular among service technicians and customers

“I would estimate that 75 percent of Service Kits are delivered to authorised Valtra service technicians and 25 percent directly to end customers who want to service their own tractors. They are really convenient for both types of user, as only a single package is required and old parts can be wrapped up and packed in the same plastic bags and box that the new parts came in,” Jari adds.

Service Kits also make it easy to remember which parts need to be changed on a regular basis. When buying parts separately, it is easy to forget to change all the seals and other serviceable items. Service Kits help ensure that your tractor is maintained according to the maintenance schedule, thereby prolonging the life of your tractor.

Service Kit – Three benefits for you

  1. Affordable

    Approximately 10–15 percent less expensive than if you purchased the same parts separately
  2. Convenient and fast

    No need to collect and package individual parts
  3. Reliable

    All the parts needed for regular maintenance – nothing missing and nothing to forget