C J Cox customers benefit from Valtra Connect

A Dorset-based Valtra dealer who has represented the brand for more than 30 years says that Valtra Connect provides significant benefits for its customers.

CJ Cox Ltd registers all new tractors on the system as they are sold.

“It’s not something farmers think about when buying a new tractor,” Workshop Manager Neil Warr explained.

“We tell owners that their machines have telematics fitted, but most won’t think about it again unless problems occur.”

All repairs start with a ‘phone call then, with the owner’s permission, engineers access the tractor’s operating data through the Valtra Connect app. Neil estimates that using Valtra Connect to diagnose problems results in 50 per cent of repairs being carried out more quickly and effectively.

“Fault codes have become very reliable and if our engineers can check for them and issues affecting the tractor’s performance before leaving our yard, then they can either provide a solution by ‘phone, or if a visit is needed they can take the correct parts and tools for a first time fix.”

Dealer principal Chris Cox confirmed that Valtra Connect allows his team to look after customers and their machines more efficiently.

“Our business was built on service and if Valtra Connect helps us achieve greater customer satisfaction then it’s also more likely that they will buy Valtra tractors from us again.”