Service your tractor during the off-season

It makes a lot of sense to service tractors, harvesters and implements during the off-season if possible. Lines are generally shorter, and many service dealers offer discounts outside the peak season.

“Predictive maintenance can reduce problems during the season. When your machinery is not in use during the rest of the year, a service dealer can inspect your tractor carefully and repair any faults or anticipate possible problems,” says Johann Holzmaier, Manager, Field Service, Valtra Germany.

Scheduled maintenance should be carried out once the tractor has accumulated the right number of hours, but Holzmaier points out that you can still bring your tractor in for servicing up to 50 hours before or after the optimal number of hours. In addition, you can have your tractor inspected and change the oil, for example, also between scheduled maintenance visits. All tractors should be serviced at least once a year, even if they are driven less than 500 or 600 hours a year.

“Valtra Connect telemetric system allows the dealer – if the customer agrees – to check various tractor functions, as well as hours. With this information, the dealer can then propose the optimal service time to the customer”, says Holzmaier.

Servicing tractors in advance is less expensive than making repairs during the busiest time of the year. Servicing and inspections during the off-season benefit both the customer and the service provider.


Servicing tractors during the off-season benefits customers and service providers alike. During the peak season, service technicians usually have their hands full, and waiting times for customers can be lengthy.

The biggest benefit for owners, of course, is that servicing their tractors during the off-season ensures that their machinery operates reliably during the peak season. Disruptions due to broken machinery can cause significant losses during harvesting. Servicing machinery during the off-season can also save nerves, as farmers and contractors have a hundred other things to look after during the farming season.

Of course, if you drive your tractor a lot, sometimes you cannot avoid having it serviced during the busiest time of the year. In these situations, it pays to book a time well in advance with your service provider.

The service interval for new Valtra N and T Series tractors is 600 hours, which is 20 percent longer than on older models. This makes it easier to schedule servicing for the off-season. The longer service interval combined with simpler servicing procedures also helps reduce service costs by around 20 percent. This can add up to thousands of euros in savings over 5000 hours of use, for example.

Benefits for you

  • Shorter lines, less waiting
  • Possible discounts
  • Reliable operations during the peak season
  • Predictive maintenance is less expensive than repairs
  • Get your work done on time