Tractor ownership should be easy and carefree

Valtra’s aftersales organisation seeks to make tractor ownership as easy and carefree as possible. This is achieved when both the factory and dealers work together for the good of the customer. The collaboration between sales, service and spare parts is equally important. Sometimes accidents happen when working with tractors, and when they do, the most important thing is to get the wheels rolling again as fast as possible.

“We look after the skills of our technicians and the availability of spare parts. Technicians are trained according to Valtra’s training programme at our new training centre, where hundreds of service managers and technicians are trained each year,” says Jani Rautiainen, Director, Parts and Service, Valtra EAME.

Valtra’s spare parts services are based on its central warehouses in Suolahti, Finland, and Ennery, France, in addition to which there are also numerous regional warehouses in different countries. The local inventory at each sales point is optimised according to the types of tractor models, tasks and seasons in each region to ensure that the majority of customers can get the parts they need immediately over the counter. These inventories do not have to be particularly large as long as the spare parts that are needed most are kept in stock.

Service and maintenance included in R&D

Aftersales operations involve much more than just spare parts and maintenance. For example, service technicians participate in the engineering of new tractors and make sure that the new products are even more reliable and easier to maintain. It is also important to continuously develop Valtra’s services.

Service technicians from Norway attending a training course at Valtra’s new training centre in Hirvaskangas. Maintaining the professional skills of service technicians is one of the key tasks of Valtra aftersales operations.

“With our Connect, Care and Go services we want to make tractor ownership easier and more carefree, as well as to make costs more predictable,” says Rautiainen.

Valtra Connect remote monitoring enables local service technicians to connect to the tractor remotely. Valtra Care in turn makes it easy to anticipate tractor costs for up to five years or 6000 hours at a time. Valtra Go goes one step further, covering all scheduled maintenance. These service packages make it possible to plan tractor costs precisely and keep tractors in optimal condition at all times.

Valtra Connect enables customers to monitor data from their own tractors. In addition, depending on the country, Valtra has customer portals, newsletters and social media channels that enable it to maintain contact between customers, dealers and the factory. This customer magazine, Valtra Team, is another form of communication that is available in both online and printed formats.