Valtra’s tailor-made service van

A well-equipped service van can provide assistance wherever it is needed, even in the middle of a field. Here we present the impressive tailor-made service van used by the Valtra dealer in Pirkkala, Finland. the van has been fully equipped by mechanics Marko Siltala and Matti lyytikäinen to meet their individual needs and is used to service not only tractors but also harvesters and other agricultural machinery. in addition to all the standard tools, the van can also be equipped with heavier equipment, such as a welding machine and air conditioning service equipment.

The van is the shortest and lowest Volkswagen Crafter model with four-wheel-drive, enabling it drive onto fields to service tractors and harvesters on the spot.

Cabin filters for tractors are stored under the front bench. The van also carries a selection of oil filters for all Valtra models dating back to 1995.

Compressed air is produced by an electric compressor and is used to inflate tyres, clean radiators and power jacks, for example. The 25-metre compressed air hose is coiled close to the sliding side door so that it does not have to be opened fully in the rain.

A magnetic working light with a long cable can be plugged into the socket conveniently located in the pillar of the side door.

Electricity is provided by a generator. The van can also be plugged into the mains at the farm. The van also has an invertor and battery chargers for various tools, such as cordless impact wrenches.

Hand tools are kept in long drawers that open out the side door. This eliminates the need to constantly run in and out of the van to pick up tools, as they can be reached while standing outside the van. All the tools have their designated places in the foam, making it easy to see if any tools are missing.

An electric pump delivers lubrication oils to the hose and pistol. Each of the three oils has its own pistol fitted with a precise gauge.

The van has fixed tanks for 75 litres of FS motor oil, 150 litres of XT60+ transmission oil and 75 litres of 80W-90 LS front axle oil. Used oil is collected in 60-litre barrels.