Ways to increase productivity and profit in farming

For large commercial farmers and agricultural contractors, time is an important commodity. Getting out there while the weather is good before the crop spoils in the next rain shower often means a tight window of opportunity, and long days bringing the harvest in. With rising costs, the pressure to be economical with both time and fuel is mounting up. In this blog, we will take a look at a couple of ways you can save time, lower costs, improve efficiency, and thus protect your profit margins. 

Increase productivity and profit in farming

Correct tractor lubrication saves money and prevents downtime

We all know that to keep your tractor in good condition you need to regularly inspect and top up greasing points. But it can seem like a time-consuming process. However, running low on lubrication can lead to bearing failure, which in turn means downtime and costly repairs. While lubricant may only account for around 3% of the total maintenance costs of some machines, it can influence up to 40% of maintenance costs when not done correctly. Also, manual lubrication can lead to excess lubricant consumption, which is neither good for your wallet, nor the environment. 

Valtra Unlimited central lubrication system

Luckily, Valtra Unlimited has a solution to the problem of manual tractor lubrication. The central lubrication system always ensures the optimal amount of lubrication is in place at the right points. It eliminates the need for time-consuming and laborious manual lubricating. The system is fitted in the Unlimited Studio at Valtra’s Suolahti factory and is available for N, T, And the new Q Series. Many farmers and contractors are realising that by choosing to have a central lubrication system fitted to their new tractor not only do they save time and money, but also the service life of the tractor is extended, productivity and reliability are increased, and safety is improved. There are several reasons automatic lubrication systems are superior to manual lubricating. Firstly, the system works continuously. There is no way any operator could lubricate as frequently as an automated system. This frequency of lubrication means there is always some grease in the joints acting as a barrier, preventing dirt from getting into the joints. Also, the central lubrication system works while the tractor is operating. This means fresh lubricant is delivered to moving parts, improving surface contact and distribution throughout the grease point. 


Improving grip, lowering fuel consumption, and reducing soil compaction

There’s a difference between knowing the correct tractor tyre pressures for any given task… and actually changing pressures. This is possibly one area where practice and theory don’t always match. Even though it’s well known that incorrect tyre pressures can waste 20-40% of the engine’s power many drivers still don’t bother to change their tractor’s tyre pressure between jobs and transport.  

Incorrect tyre pressure isn’t just bad for fuel consumption. When tyres are overinflated, their surface area in contact with the soil is decreased. This places greater pressure on the soil and can cause slip and soil compaction. – If you are still in any doubt about the problems of soil compaction, read our recent blog How farmers can avoid soil compaction. On the other hand, lower tyre pressures mean increased roll resistance. This is bad news for transport jobs as fuel consumption increases. Adapting tractor tyres to the correct pressure for the work being done can save up to 15% on fuel. 

A simple way to save fuel

We’re well used to using technology in smart farming to help reduce inputs, lower fuel consumption, and increase yields. However, there are technological innovations that can help in other ways too. Valtra Unlimited can factory-fit a central tyre inflation system to new N, T, and Q Series tractors at the Unlimited Studio. The central tyre inflation system adjusts the tractor’s tyre pressure according to user preferences. The system uses ISOBUS and is easily controlled through the simple SmartTouch terminal. Settings can be stored, so that changing between pressures, say ploughing and driving to the next customer’s farm, is as simple as a couple of clicks. Like many things with SmartTouch, the process is simple and easy.

Solutions to real everyday farming problems.

Smart farming has taken away much of the manual work in farming and increased efficiency. We rely on our smart farming tractors to calculate application rates and even steer for us. Why not invest in technology like central lubrication and tyre inflation systems that save time and money in the same way? Check out what’s available for Valtra tractors  from the Unlimited Studio