Are you the best tractor driver in Europe?

The Demo Tour is an excellent opportunity for customers to test different tractor models in real conditions, as well as to meet with Valtra experts.
Valtra will once again present its model line-up throughout Europe during a traditional Demo Tour. All of our new fourth generation models will be on display from June. Many customers will also be keen to take part in our competition to find the best tractor driver in Europe.
Last year a total of 13,000 test drives were registered during the Demo Tour, and this year we hope for even more. New for 2017 will be presentations of our Unlimited Studio and after-sales services, as well as our Master Cup competition to find the best tractor driver in Europe. 

The best driver from each country will be invited to compete in the finals to be held in spring 2018 in Finland. The competition will be tough but the experience will be unforgettable. Silver and bronze medallists in each country will also be awarded, as will the top three results on each day.

Participants in the Master Cup have to complete a lap as fast as possible on a track laid out in a field using cones. The design of the track tests not only speed but also the driver’s ability to utilise tractor features. 

“My advice is not to drive with the pedal to the metal. It’s better to select the optimal speed, steer on the brakes, use fast steering option and drive with as much precision as possible,” says Juuso Raitanen, who is in charge of Demo Tour.

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