Traveling through Scandinavia with Valmet 604

Traveling through Scandinavia with Valmet 604
Kurt Fredriksen has been traveling with his Valmet 604 tractor a truly long trip - from Denmark to Norway and back again. The trip also traveled through Valtra's factory in Suolahti.
On June 28, Kurt Frederiksen from Denmark started his trip to Norway's Nordkapp and back. The total length of the trip was 5200 km and during those kilometers he spent a total of 40 days on the road. He traveled by Valmet 604 which had a traditional caravan attached to the back of it. The highest speed with this exotic combination was 30 km / h, but to save fuel and ears, he only drove 25 kilometers per hour. Frederiksen stopped on his way to Valtra's Suolahti factory, where he visited on July 26. By that time he had already traveled a total of 180 hours. The Valmet 604 has been kept in good condition and despite its age, the machine has only 3700 hours behind it. Today, on August 1st, Kurt has officially arrived home.

- I started the trip simply because it is possible and because it is fun. I think it's great to have a lot of fun experiences along the way and meet new people, Frederiksen said.

In the future Kurt Fredriksen, who works as a high school teacher, plans to go on a tour in Iceland with his Valmet. He is currently writing a book about his trip and as help to the writing process, Valtra handed over to him a book that tells Valtra's history. 

See below a video of Kurt Frederiksen's Valtra Visit!

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