Valtra Design Challenge 2017 winners announced

Valtra Design Challenge 2017 winners announced
Launched in SIMA exhibition in February 2017, Valtra’s first annual Valtra Design Challenge –competition winners have been selected. Winners of the competition were announced at Valtra’s international press conference in Holland May 31st during Valtra’s product launch event.
The competition that ended April 26th was targeted globally to industrial design students, design studios and other individuals. The Valtra Design Challenge 2017 Jury members were Kimmo Wihinen and Brandon Montgomery from Valtra, Hans Philip Zachau from Lighthouse Industrial Design, Paolo Grazioli TLC and Midealta and AGCO’s Sam Freesmeyer.

The first place of the competition was awarded to work by Argentinian design team, Juan Garcia Mansilla, Marcos Madia and Ezequiel Castro, called “MOD²”. The jury commented about this work by saying, that “Valtra MOD2 appears basic in its design and yet it is extremely interesting. The concept can be very useful in many different scales of farming operations and has a broad range of use in customer applications”

Second place was awarded to Indian team’s work called “Kronos” and third place to “FarmHand”-concept that was designed by Paul Olvera and Daniel Yee from USA. Honorable mentions were admitted to an Italian “Triple V”-concept and a work called “Companion” that was designed by a team from the UK.

Valtra Design Challenge is the world´s largest design contest in agricultural vehicle industry and one of the biggest in off road vehicle industry. This year there were 133 competing teams & design concepts, from 41 different countries and from 5 continents. The selected winner of Valtra Design Challenge is awarded 10 000€.

Valtra Design Challenge´s main purpose is to raise awareness of agricultural changes that our farming community and society will face in the future. Valtra Design Challenge also offers a platform to individual designers and design teams to show their innovations and how they will address these future changes that will affect us all. The publicity used will only help generate more ideas for the agriculture industry to achieve continuous improvement and help feed our worlds growing population.

“Valtra is known and rewarded for its groundbreaking and visionary way of doing industrial design. That is why we felt the responsibility to challenge our audience and get people to thinking how big, actual challenges we’re going to face in the future. This also gives us the possibility to achieve something unforeseen and remarkable.” commented the head of Valtra Design Challenge jury and industrial design & user experience manager at Valtra, Kimmo Wihinen.

Kimmo Wihinen also stated, that “The high quality of envisioning and innovating the future in this competition surprised us extremely positively. We received very innovative, high-class and carefully finished competition submissions and choosing the winner was definitely not an easy job. The great amount of submission in the competition states that there is a definite need for this kind of competition. Valtra Design Challenge will continue in 2018.”

Valtra Design Competition more information about the competition, jury and the winners:


1. From the left: Dr. Rob Smith, AGCO's Senior Vice President and General Manager, EME, Juan Garcia Mansilla, Valtra's Kimmo Wihinen, Marcos Madia, Paul Olvera and Jari Rautjärvi, Vice President & Managing Director, Valtra.
Global Brand Lead

2. The winning work, MOD², which is based on an idea of autonomous module impressed the jury with its simple, yet extremely interesting and versatile design.

Valtra Design Challenge 2017 winners announced

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