Valtra Wins 'Machine Of The Year' award at SIMA 2017 Press Release

Valtra Wins 'Machine Of The Year' award at SIMA 2017
The Valtra A104 HiTech has won the world-renowned ´Machine of the Year´ award in the category of tractors under 150 hp at the SIMA Show 2017 in Paris.
The selection was made by independent journalists representing 28 European agricultural magazines and on-line publications. ´Machine of the Year´ is one of the most prestigious awards within the industry, recognising innovation, technology and performance.

In the show Valtra introduces a totally new A Series covering the range of 75 hp to 130 hp. The awarded A104 HiTech is one of the seven A series models having a completely new design which follows the award-winning styling of the 4th generation of N and T Series. Producing 100 hp and 410 Nm torque, the new four-cylinder model boasts also many of the same features appreciated by customers as found on N and T Series.

“This is again an important recognition for Valtra and AGCO. The T4 and N4 Series were selected Machine of the Year 2015 and 2016, and this is a great continuation where we demonstrate the strength of our 4th generation of Valtra products. Our A series is the market leader in the Nordic countries and with the new A Series we foresee strong growth potential globally. We invested in design, reliability and ease of use so that farmers can enjoy working with Valtra products. It is truly a nice driving experience and value for money”, comments Mikko Lehikoinen, Marketing Director Valtra Inc.

The new cab is stylish, quiet and spacious. Driving comfort, ease of use, ergonomics and safety are paramount. Being the largest in this size of tractors with 5.5 m2 of glass surface, the cab is designed for excellent visibility all around the working area. Together with the tractor’s agility and the high visibility roof window option, this makes the A104HiTech a superb front loader tractor. The renowned Valtra durability, functional design and ergonomics make the A104 HiTech a real working hero for long days.

The A104HiTech is powered by an AGCO Power 4,4 –litre Tier4 diesel engine. The model also has a completely new transmission and hydraulics. Valtra’s HiTech power shuttle transmission is already well for a long time but now the well-respected feature is supported by an easy to use mechanical transmission unseen in this size of tractor. The 12 forward and 12 reverse gears are organized in two groups, which minimizes two-lever changes and makes the speed distribution to field and road speeds excellent. Six of the speeds fit the typical fieldwork speed range of 4-12 km/h. A super creeper option is also available going as slow as 90m/h and making this a true multi-application gearbox.

Picture 1
Valtra A104 HiTech.

Picture 2 (award giving ceremony)
From the left:
Rob Smith, Senior Vice President, General Manager, AGCO EME
Stephan Buskies, Director Manufacturing, Valtra EME
Jari Rautjärvi, VP, Managing Director, Valtra EME & Global Lead of Valtra Brand
David Rein, Brand Manager, Valtra France
Mikko Lehikoinen, Director Marketing, Valtra EME

Valtra Wins 'Machine Of The Year' award at SIMA 2017

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